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Santa Fe F7 engine
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My Santa Fe Super Chief passenger model N scale train layout. I have a N-scale (1/160 scale) model train layout. I model no particular era nor any particular area. The main line is Santa Fe. The layout is approximate 5 scale miles long. Ranging from a big city to farm land to mountains and to a small town. The layout is against three walls and tunnels through the closet wall. My new added section tunnels through to the next room in a canyon called Rock Canyon. A scratch built 450' scale bridge goes across the window with two tracks. I have had 2 layouts and this is my second layout. I have been building the layout since 1991. Some areas are completed except for fine details. Other areas have not even been started. I run a Santa Fe Super Chief passenger train using 3 PA engines,(#51) A B A units made by LifeLike. Both A units are powered while the B unit is unpowered. Pulling a RPO #3407(Rail Post Office) car from KATO, a full baggage car #3431 by Concor, a half baggage car by Riverosi/Atlas, 2 sleeping cars (Palm Leaf, Palm Arch) both by Concor, a slumber coach (Buena Siesta) by KATO, a dining car #1481 by KATO, a pleasure dome car by Concor, a full dome-observation car by Bachmann, 2 coaches (#2892 & #2881) both by Concor and an end observation car #3240 by KATO. Other trains include a Santa Fe freight train, consisting of many different types of box cars. A small coal train; a small tanker train; and when things go wrong, one work train. I have an older style Pullman car train with a Life Like steam engine. My newest is 2 Atlas Santa Fe B23-7 diesel locomotives. Blue and yellow. I have pulled 33 cars with them without any problems. I am a Born Again Christian with Jesus Christ living in my heart. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and attend a Southern Baptist Church. Jesus is my fisrt passion and down the line from my church, my wife, my daugther, my grandson is a love for model railroading. A few years ago I had an idea when my boss was getting rid of some 3/8" MDF (medium density fiber) board. I brought it home and made (blank) dominoes out of them. I now have over 5000 dominoes of different colors and have used them in the AWANA program at church. I section of the floor and have the children set up dominoes anyway they want. I then connect the sections and we have one big domino topple. I have added several slides, ladders, step, pedilums, and plinko board and many other fun tricks. Travis Congdon.